Janelle Weaver, Science Writer

Penn Engineering Magazine

Incubating innovation (pdf)

Kunal Bahl: India's King of E-Commerce (pdf)

Small scale, big impact (pdf)

Using math to engineer social systems (pdf)

The hot-rodding trailblazer (pdf)

Lloyd Howell: Transforming engineering expertise into innovative ideas (pdf)

Visualizing the future of robotics (pdf)

Danielle Bassett: Giving creativity free reign (pdf)

Alex Krueger: A diverse education fuels success in the energy industry (pdf)

Ric Calvillo: Introducing the advertising innovator (pdf)

Fascinated by fluid flow (pdf)

Meet Mr. GPS (pdf)

Putting an end to chronic pain (pdf)

The nano guru (pdf)

Internet of things: The promise of printed electronics (pdf)

Applying math to materials (pdf)

The driving force (pdf)

Building better fuel cells (pdf)

United front against cancer (pdf)

Creating a safety net for computers (pdf)

Hacking for a good cause

Naturally inspired materials (pdf)

PLOS Biology

A new look at "filler cells" in the brain reveals their role in learning

New signaling chemicals spur worms to seek company

How the brain homes in on valuable objects

People gather only the information they need to make decisions

Genetic origins of birth defects revealed by new animal model

Bats broaden sonar field of view to maneuver around obstacles

Gene network in fruit flies guides nervous system repair

Stanford University 

Stanford advise fleeing tsunamis by moving up, not out
Stanford Report

Stanford develops the next generation of retinal implants
Stanford Report

Nanotube batteries made of everyday paper
Stanford Report

Paul Ehrlich wins environmental award in Spain
Stanford Report

Environmental Venture Projects save the planet
Stanford Report

Kai Lai Chung to be remembered
Stanford Report

Earthquake experts mark Loma Prieta's 20th anniversary
Stanford Report

Memorial service for 'pragmatic Platonist' Julius Moravcsik
Stanford Report

Nature Journals

How to avoid the pitfalls of inbreeding
Nature News

Pfizer breaks from merger mentality as others chase leads (pdf)
Nature Medicine

A shortage link? (pdf)
Nature Medicine

Cut-and-paste therapy fixes mouse hemophilia
Nature News

Carbon-rich mangroves ripe for conservation
Nature News

Sperm grown in a test tube
Nature News

Young mammal hearts heal themselves
Nature News

More Nature Clips


Is homosexuality based on a brain chemical?

The brain in 3-D: New research illuminates cell circuits

Data overload: Scientists struggle to streamline results

Childhood diseases may be rooted in evolution

Mama bird skips out on chicks for sex

Orangutan genome decoded

Tracking bands can harm penguins

Hybrid animals hint at desperation in Arctic

Dino demise led to evolutionary explosion of huge mammals


Scientific American Mind

Slight genetic variations can affect how others see you

Twitter reveals people are happiest in the morning

The problem with the pill

Get out the vote

Gossip shapes what we see

Bad smells impair learning

Painful pessimism

Mental math in infants

Why autism strikes more boys than girls

Brain boosting tips for speed learning

The prejudice hormone

Infants know that might makes right

Social before birth

Wired Science

Testosterone makes people suspicious of one another

Stem cell solution for hearing loss makes progress

North American dinosaurs were one big happy family

Ultrathin silk-based electronics make better brain implants

Floating nanosheets could be the plywood of nanotechnology

Offshore wind turbines could power Atlantic seaboard

Some social skills may be genetic

Bees release deadly odor that shortens sibling lifespans

New Scientist

Brainless box jellyfish know which way is up

Urge to migrate found in bird genes

Why the touch of an egg sparks squid fight club

Zapping the brain sparks bright ideas

The right way for pigeons to follow their nose home

Other Clips

Leading a double life
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Bulletin

Fertile ground (pdf)
Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Twisting the light fantastic (pdf)
Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Q&A: The future of stem cell research
Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Driving thirst
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Bulletin

Biomaterials guide stem cell therapy (pdf)
Berkeley Science Review

Can brain machine interfaces empower paralyzed patients? (pdf)
Berkeley Science Review

Quantifying consciousness (pdf)
National Association of Science Writers Meeting

Shape-shifting cuttlefish can mimic pictures
National Geographic News

Biggest fossil spider found
National Geographic News

Age assay for forensics toolkit (pdf)
The Scientist

Power from glucose
Technology Review

Research on how blasts injure brains may improve helmets
San Jose Mercury News

Q&A: Michael Emerman, paleovirologist
UC Santa Cruz SciCom Interview

Crafting light-sensing cells from human skin
Technology Review

New technology reveals the genome's 3D shape (pdf)
Biomedical Computation Review


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