Janelle Weaver, Science Writer

Janelle Weaver is a freelance science writer and editor who obtained a certificate in science writing from UC Santa Cruz. Before becoming a writer, she was trained as a neuroscientist at Stanford University, where she received her PhD. She then used her neuroscience training to evaluate research manuscripts and coordinate peer review at the journal PLoS Biology. She also wrote press releases and edited manuscripts covering a range of topics, from ecology and evolution to animal behavior. Afterward, she participated in science writing internships at the Stanford School of Medicine and the Stanford News Service, followed by a stint at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences in Washington, D.C. Now she lives in Carbondale, Colorado.


Science Writing Program
UC Santa Cruz

PhD, Stanford University
Focus in Cognitive Neuroscience  

BA, Dartmouth College
Major in Psychology
Minor in Neuroscience


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